Fixing me…

I’m divided.

If I’m divided – we are too. If I’m divided we’re divided.

“We awaken, challenge, and together we transform, a few individuals, teams, and leaders, into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.”

So, if I’m divided, how the hell are we one? If I’m not one, how can you and I be one? Now does the BTL purpose make more sense? Most teams settle for a common enemy to unite them. Works, at least for awhile. Common love, however, is much longer lasting and so much sweeter going down.

Want a better team, friend. Discover better loves. Start within. Start unifying you. I’m feeling a bit more whole just acknowledging my hole. God, help me fill my vacuum with an everlasting kinda love, a supernatural elixir of your making. God, help me heal and become one, first, before getting busy on fixing another. God help me focus my fixing efforts on me. God, help me…

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