Today, during a few freakin’ magic team practices, we learned a bunch of leadership lessons while deeply connecting with our teammates. A few shared stuff that most families don’t touch, much less co-workers. It was amazing to watch. As we finished off the day, I told Doc how lit I was. He had no idea. You see, when Doc normally sees me all lit it’s kinda obvious as I tend to get all passionate and the words pour out. Today, I got lit and mostly kept a lid on it. Good.

Today, I got lit and let the teams lead. There were three words, however, I repeated over and over and over again. These three might be worth remembering, leader/elite teammate. These three words help those around you know you without feeling judged by you. These are easy to remember and hard to live.

Share. Don’t compare.

Share your struggle, journey, victory, success, fears, insecurities, doubts, and deep convictions. Share your dreams, rewards, credit, and your heart. Share.

Don’t compare. Don’t compare your insides to anothers outsides ( Thanks, Rob Lowe). Don’t compare your position, power, prestige, or prominence to another human. Don’t compare your level and look down on another. Don’t compare your level and bow down to another. Don’t compare.

Share the right secrets. When you do something freakin’ magic, keep it to yourself. When you do something despicable me kinda nasty, broadcast it. Get it out of you. Let the good accrue within and the nasty – not so much. Keep the right secrets. (Thanks, Os Guinness).

Share. Don’t compare. God, help my sorriness share and not compare. God, help me share the struggle more and less the success. God, help me compare to your bar instead of a beaten down brother. God, help me share love and leave the compare alone. Share. Don’t compare. God, help me…

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