Work the right angle version 2.0…

We are made for relationship, and we pretty much suck at building them. We want to make things right with those few we love. We know it’s possible, ’cause we’ve tasted it once or twice, but can’t remember the recipe or find the crucial ingredients. Yet we keep yearning. We are poison and wine, as are our relationships. Our inability to build and be built, doesn’t seem to dull our desire for at least one or two relationships that transform. So, we continue to go to the well, hoping that the next one will bring forth “living water” and quench our deep thirst to be understood.

Every day, I encounter this foundational problem with client after client and team after team. All want transformational relationships, but have decided that transactional is more realistic, so they settle. This is normal and alright for awhile. Over time and through adversity, this recipe takes it’s toll. Slowly our hearts harden and our spirits suffer a downer that drains, drains, and eventually drains us dry.

Maybe, friends, we’re working the wrong angle, so to speak. Maybe, our desire for relationship with each other is actually pointing us to leave the horizontal axis and go vertical. Maybe, we are made to get our relationship right, FIRST, with our maker. As we humbly understand our position beneath our maker and submit to His authority, maybe just maybe, we’ll do a bit better with our horizontal humans. Maybe…

We are made for relationship. And, as we gain clarity vertically, first, we’ve got a chance at keeping the horizontal ones on the straight and narrow. Funny how much sense this makes. The problem changes when we work the right angle. And there’s the real problem. Working the right angle requires me to understand my proper position. Working the right angle requires me to look up, humbly. Working the right angle feels like it’s giving up some kinda control. So, we mostly try to walk the straight and narrow with another on our own. Instead of freakin’ magic – mostly alone.

God, help me understand my struggles in relationships are meant to help me see my need for some verticality. God, help me look up FIRST. God, help me work the right angle. God, help me…

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