Today, during practice 53 with the fauxnomo, we got on an interesting topic as we rinsed away with Mr. Miller and his worldview. You see, he values experiences over possessions. However, he, just like you and me, still has some stuff he stinkin likes. Nothing wrong, here. Jigglemuff decided this was a good topic so he asked us to go around the room and share our most prized possession. So, we did. It did not take me long to recall mine. My favorite possession is my 911. I love everything about it but nothing more than the way it sounds when I slam shut the drivers side door. Engineering, artistry, and speed. Love.

However, the 911 is far from my most treasured, tangible, thing I’m thankful for on this planet. Nope. Doesn’t even come close. Doc, sitting next to me on the ride home, asked me to tell him more. My most valued thing on this planet, I told him without so much as thinking, is this thing called friendship – there is no better love. You see, according to C.S. Lewis, friendship is the only one of the four loves that is not required for life. You can, in fact live without friends. But friends are in fact what makes life worth living. Today, we are m.i.a. when it comes to finding a friend. Never in the history of humanity have so many humans felt so alone. So, friend, what do you most value – possessions or people?

Slow down and sit with this thought for awhile. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time you used one of your “lifelines” and phoned a friend. Phone a friend. Sounds so old school, I know. Don’t text. Don’t tweet. Don’t Instagram or snap chatty. Don’t do one of those video things that’s gone once they see it. Don’t email or facebook either. Phone a friend.


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