Caddy, not the golfer…

Last night, I was given the gift of belief. You see, last night one of my clients went out of their way to let me know how much they believe in BTL and me. They didn’t say Pascal’s favorite four words – “I believe in you.” Nope, never came out of their mouth. What came out of their mouth was much stronger. They told their story to their circle of influence. They set me up to shine, put me on the stage and then kinda got out of the way. Love.

Everyday in my life’s work, this thing called BTL, my aim is to give this same gift. I love giving it to people who’ve earned my belief. It is not easy. You, friend, have to do some real, hard, work, to become competent, convicted, and convincing. You have to believe. Sometimes, however, you can be blessed by a builder who gives you the gift before you’ve given it to yourself. Sometimes in life, someone comes along that gives you the gift of their belief before you have enough confidence to autotelicly give it to yourself.

You believe in them before they do.

Give this gift, leader. Many on your team are so filled with potential, it’s almost oozing out of them. All they lack is self belief. Instead, filled with fear is the norm, even among the elite. Yes, even the elite can become filled with more fear than love.

Rewind the tape to this past weekend and The Open. Jordan Spieth blew the tournament, or so it appeared, with a disastrous start to his final round. He was four over par (horrible) and his mind was thinking about the last time he blew a Major (The Masters) and starting to lose his edge. He admitted his mind had lost belief. His caddy would have none of it and jolted him out of fear and negative thinking with a good old fashioned butt kicking of belief. Jordan responded immediately after the 13th hole debacle and a healthy dose of virtuous caddy belief, with a stunning turnaround in his MOT (moment of truth) He went birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie, and par for his last 5 holes and went from defeated to Champion Golfer of The Year. His caddy led him there.

So, leader, remember – you’re the caddy, not the golfer. Give belief. Get out of the way. Let ’em shine. Thanks CBear and Grappy for the gift. Back atcha. Good.

4 thoughts on “Caddy, not the golfer…

  1. So Toto called me today to thank me for being a good caddy. Having read this there is no greater compliment.

    Know this: You will never be a good caddy by just telling your great golfer much of anything except for what is true. If I am a good caddy to Toto it is because I help him remember he is not making stuff up or just becoming skilled at influencing people, he is effective because his grasp of truth and his belief in truth is growing.

    Not all caddies and golfers are best “friends” – it is not that we are not friends, or that we don’t share the same values or same dreams. It’s all just about something more than the circumstances which seem to make friendships convenient.

    I count it a privilege to caddy WITH Toto and FOR Toto in this great work, which goes as deep as you want it to go. You can’t lead anyone further or “deeper” than you have gone. This is what makes a great team. We have gone far and we have gone deep. Some of it chosen, some of it unchosen – the choosing of which is not always ours but the response always is.

    Together We Improve is a BELIEF not just a tagline. “Go pick it up!” – Jordan Spieth to Michael Greller after making the 30 ft eagle putt on number #15. That was Jordan’s way of saying (i.e. “putting”) his thank-you into words we will all never forget but few will ever understand.

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