Turning 35…

It’s been another solid day at BTL. For me it began,alone, on a bike ride that 27 years ago would have been pedaled in near silence. Today, although early and traveled on the same country roads, the ride had me on my toes – tons of trucks. A lot’s changed in 27 years since our 5 year old, Jordan told me it was time to ride. A lots changed. A few practices with some old clients and one new, brought my work day to it’s end. I’m back home and taking a moment or two to begin my shift of focus.

You see, today, isn’t just another day. Today, Miss and I are gonna remember way back when. My hair was long and parted down the middle. Miss had just turned twenty and looked even younger. We made a promise. We’ve kept it for 35 years. Hard. To. Believe. So, tonight we’re slowing down and raising a glass or maybe two. It’s been a solid three and a half decades, bride. Happy we were once young and didn’t know any better.

Hard to believe we’re turning 35. A lots changed beside our hair. Hard to believe. Happy it’s true. 35 with you. Happy today’s gonna end with you. Some things, thankfully, are still the same.

FM, my bride. FM…

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