It’s been twelve years since I read Stasi Eldredge’s book titled Captivating. I’m rereading it at the moment and mosly amazed how little I wrote in it back when I was 46. You see, only a dozen pages in this go ’round, and I’ve already written so much more than before. I’ve noticed that rereading is essential to understanding the essence of any author, but much more importantly, to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. I’m reading this book with a completely different perspective about the suffering, shaming, and strength in women. The authors words are the same. The pages have yellowed. My heart has somewhat mellowed and more is getting through this hard head and heart. Yes, I am softening in so many ways.

Maybe in twelve more years when I’m entering my 70’s, I’ll begin to understand my heart and the ransomed hearts around me. I do know this. We men may be physically stronger – may be. We men are way more needy, soft, and self centered/other controlling. Fact.

So, friend, broaden your perspective on femininity. Treat those women ’round you like the captivating creatures the creator designed ’em to be. If you’re strong enough, manly men reading this rant, pick up Captivating And let Stasi set you straight. Open your mind and heart and see what happens. Good.

God, help me see your creation as captivating. God, help me give the women in my life the gift of Pascal’s four, beautiful words – I believe in you. God, help me. God, help me learn from Anais and inspire women to blossom, really blossom in all their glory. So, check out the words of another wild woman and let them sink deeply in your souls, friend.

“Then the time came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin


1 thought on “Captivating…

  1. This is amazing to read Chick… you’ve grown so much in this area since I first met you. Thanks for modeling the way towards being a perpetual work in progress. Together we improve my friend.

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