Give and take reminder…

All humans are meant to give and receive courage. Life is hard. Turns out the root of authentic happiness isn’t as much about our circumstances as it is about who we’re with and how we feel about being with them. Today, give and receive some courage. The Latin root for our English word of courage translates to heart. To have courage is to have love. The ancient Spartans taught their team the opposite of fear, in fact, was not courage. The Spartans taught that the opposite of fear is love. Kinda playing with words, huh. How ’bout we just remember to play with each other. I mean come on man, when we’re truly playful with a friend or lover can it get much better.

Today, don’t take courage from another, give it. Taste some love with your teammates. Every team, remember, has an abundance of fear – the freakin’ magic ones have just a little more love. Good.

Give and take care, friend. Play. Give and receive some love. And, remember, the strong give more and don’t keep score. Good…

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