Our most precious…

We live in a culture that is quick to click. We don’t “watch” TV any longer, we click around the ad’s. We don’t listen to a sales pitch from a salesperson, we click through to their website. We don’t actually talk to the numbers we’ve clicked on our cell phone contacts, we click out a text instead – a quicker way to click and seems to do the trick. We don’t go to the basement and play an album, we click our iphone and play whatever we want, whenever we want, and wherever we want.  Don’t like the current artist playing?  Just click it. I mean it’s not like we’re listening to music with our friends, we’ve all got our airbuds in and are alone with our artist of choice. Alone…

We are so “quick to click” that, if I’m lucky, about 20% of you who started to read this rant less than a couple clicks ago are still reading sequentially as your eyes arrived here.  This is a real problem for companies trying to connect with their clients. Never before, in marketing history, has the seller had so little time to make so many connections.  What to do?

Make it real, relevant, and rewarding.

Make sure your customers understand exactly what you bring to market and why it matters. Make sure they see the value you bring.  Make sure you and your team believe and clearly, concisely, and directly, connect your customers to your belief. Make it real. And, make it relevant. Make sure your customers understand why your goods and services are relevant to them.  Your value proposition must meet squarely with the eyes of the buyer.  Today’s buyer is kinda like you – overwhelmed with choice and underwhelmed with ones who do what they say. You can still get through if your solution’s relevant to your markets ever migrating need. And, if the experience is rewarding. You see, today’s customers are looking for experiences not simply solutions. Since so many modern men/women are living outside of community they are looking for it as a reward of consuming whatever it is your pedaling.

It doesn’t matter if your product is concrete like an orthopedic implant, somewhat softer like an insurance plan, or something super soft like a charity, club, or a cause. You, friend, if you want your clients to hang with you for long have got to make it real, relevant, and rewarding. And, don’t ever forget to involve your customers in the process.  We are quick to click when we sense we’re being sold.  We love to engage with people who are real, offer relevant solutions to our situations, and reward us with rich experiences that kinda feel like a place/product/service where we belong. We are all suckers for a sense of belonging. We deeply seek a sense of belonging. When we feel we belong we pay attention. We pay attention. Attention, my friends, is our most precious commodity.

Thanks for your attention, and next time, I’ll be quicker…

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