“An inspired life takes a lot of work,” my client began. “And, working through the daily grind is easy in comparison,” he concluded. I stopped him without hearing another word. I told him both statements were common lies we tend to buy. I challenged him to add a word and turn them both to truth.

He no likee.

Add the word now to the end of each sentence, I replied. He smiled. I challenged him to write what he just learned. He wrote, wrote, and wrote some more. Remember, friend, you can choose what is easy now, and eventually life is gonna get real hard. You can choose to do the REAL, HARD, WORK, now, and eventually life is gonna get easier. Sure it’s easier to put it off,at least for awhile. Suddenly, however, it’s not.

STOP buying lies. STOP listening to the liars and their attempts to pull you down. STOP playing old scripts rooted in childhood lies. STOP telling yourself you don’t have what it takes. STOP e z p z kinda choices. STOP putting it off. Start lacing ’em up and getting after what sets your heart on fire. Start living, now, an inspired life in alignment with who you are (CORE) and your labor of love (OPUS). It’s only a little harder than that sorry ass daily grind of yours.

You choose. You are choosing now. Your choices have consequences…

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