OSU grappler practice 51…

Today, during OSU grappler practice 51 (kickoff practice 4), we started with why BTL is here, with our purpose statement. We always start team practice this way.

“We awaken, challenge, and together we transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected and BTL.”

This is why we’re here and why we practice. I repeated this after the scientist asked that I do so. The team of 32 wrote what they heard and then we broke into teams of faux and learned how to speak and listen, BTL style. We learned about the greatest genius of all time, a guy named Leonardo, and we practiced being curious. We mostly made comments instead of staying curious. Normal. Lots to learn. We heard from a few teams and we heard from a teammate who was somewhat confused. He wanted to know why the BTL purpose was so limited. He thought it didn’t make sense to try to transform a team, collection, or company by focusing on the few. He thought we ought to focus on everybody if we’re gonna build deep unity of becoming ONE. The scientist and I listened and then I asked the scientist to share his thinking. He did. Money. I asked a few athletes to translate and they too were on the mark.

All systems transform from the transformational efforts of the few. There are no equal partnerships, marriages, teams, or constituencies. None. Nada. Zero. As Ghandi said so long ago, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Be the change, teammate, you want to see in this team. Don’t be afraid to take ownership just ’cause you’re a freshmen. We want to hear from all of you. We want you to step up and be one of the few. The color of your skin doesn’t matter. Where you’re from doesn’t either. Your rank on the team, nope, it doesn’t matter (you’re on the team). We want you all to act like an owner around here. Only a few of you will. Those few will inspire a few more. Together we will awaken, challenge, and transform.

We ended practice 51 with 7 good minutes understanding one. As I walked toward the door and headed to the airport, a smile creased my face and heart. It’s Nate, Bo, and Kyle’s senior year and this team is loaded like none other. Loaded with talent, however, doesn’t necessarily transfer to championships. We’ve got work to do. Good work. Good men. Good aim. Good…

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