Alicia, Amber, and a few…

Today, I worked with a few paying clients and a few friends who pay nothing but give a lot. When I decided to go into this business back in 2002, I remember asking a successful coach about his big dream for his work. Without thinking he told me his big dream was to make $1,000,000 year. I’m sure he’s hit and exceeded his ambition. You, most likely know this man’s name – he’s big time.

My opus has nothing to do with a number. My aim with BTL has always been to impact people with whom it’s kinda easy to serve. My greatest joy has come from seeing Gallo, Goalie, Frickin’ D, Alicia, Amber, and others like ’em receiving the gift of belief from little ole me.

Tomorrow, I’m getting up early and headed to more practice with teammates I know and love. We’ll go where they need to go, some will miss the melody line, some won’t care, but a few will tune in and turn up. I’ll see it in their eyes and receive more than was given. My energy level will be juiced. I’ll sense a little Tolstoy family kinda happiness and head to small group with my Miss. Tomorrow will be another great day living out my opus with my friends. Only a few will notice. A few are all that matter…

1 thought on “Alicia, Amber, and a few…

  1. …..thanks I got to be one of the “few” when I was a Friday pastor with no way to pay… I.e. I CHOSE to be one of the few….and now I choose GRATITUDE for what I got to choose… And funny, huh? Now what are you doing on Wednesday nights? Some things come full circle – especially when you TRUST and choose to believe and present yourself for what you were built to do

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