Today, during the start of practice 206 with k-dev krazies, I took a walk around 801 Polaris. It had been nearly three years since we held practice at this Kaufman development. A lot has changed. Good.

We started with a short Macklemore rant (Glorious) and then heard version 1.0 of Jeff and Corie’s Builders journey. Actually, we started with a word from Steve. I asked Steve why he’s here and he spoke some truth. Truth always feels transparent, doesn’t it friend. Good.

Good work tuning in today, k-dev krazies. Good challenging questions, Kristina. Good curious questions, Frankeecfoinghonkee. Good clarity, Brian. Good work finding the melody line, Jimmyccd. Good job, M, finding a way to capture the moment, all while being such a bright bulb being yourself. Good work, Doc, being ready to tell your story. Good work.

As we ended practice, I challenged all krazies to remember life isn’t supposed to be a treadmill. Nobody’s gonna remember your name if they sense your work/life was nothing but one, long, laborious, and somewhat numbing number of days treading on some trail going nowhere. You, friend, are meant to author your life and your life is meant to be lived fully out there in the real world. You are meant to fall on this journey. You’re gonna fail too. You’re gonna get hurt. And, you are meant to have a big dream worth it all. So, regardless your current adversity, you keep getting up. A few friends give you a hand and you return the favor too. A few friends are all it takes to go from hurt to healed. Good.

So, friend, don’t miss the meaning of today’s practice. Your life is a movie. Make it one worth watching. You are captivating, glorious, and capable of greatness in whatever is your God given domain. So, slow down and tune in with all your senses today. When you sense you’re in love, take note. Moments where you feel life, feel love, feel en feugo, and feel like you could do this forever, those are moments of clarity. I can still remember that cool April day in 1993 when sitting in the Center for Creative Leadership as a 34 year old punk who thought he had it all figured it, and realizing I’d been mostly missing the signals. I’d been going fast and furious but treading down the wrong trail. In that MOT, all my senses told me this is the stuff I was made for. Nobody told me. No report or data defined the new trail either. I had to figure it out. You too.

Now, I feel glorious knowing I’m on my Builders journey. It’s good even when falling, failing, and getting hurt. I was born for this. It’s who I am. Now I feel glorious. Thanks, Macklemore for the reminder. And, thanks God, for giving us all the gift of our senses. God, help us develop eyes that see what’s imperceptible, help us hear what’s unsaid, help us breathe deeply and develop a sense of smell focused on love instead of fear, help us develop a masters touch, and help us taste a little Heaven right here on earth. God, help us keep working, keep loving, and keep giving more than we’re taking. God, help us.

We were born for this. The world is up for grabs. Glorious. Good…

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