Effort counts twice and then some…

Effort counts twice, according to Angela Duckworth’s research when it comes to becoming elite. We’ve been doing this work called BTL for over 15 years now and each leader, team, and system are constantly under our now somewhat trained eyes. We, the BTL band, are looking for the melody line of excellence and a thousand nuances and then a thousand more. Our experience confirms Angela’s findings and then some. You see, effort counts twice if the effort’s in the right area. Most leaders, teams, and systems are hard working. Fact. And, the leaders, teams, and systems we have the privilege of building alongside are harder working and more humble than most. The ones that make the most gains, we’ve discovered are the ones who double down on effort in all the right places.

One of my most vivid examples is a client who could not read or write beyond an 8th grade level when we began building. And, he had been told he simply lacked the necessary skills and it wasn’t gonna happen. He had bought the lie and decided to work hard in other areas. He refused to write discovery beyond a bullet point, pathetic attempt. I can remember telling Miss this was gonna be the shortest engagement in BTL history as I didn’t see the effort ever coming. However, before giving up, I doubled down my effort in persuasion. I tried new approaches and read alongside and kept explaining words and their meaning. He began to learn and smile as he did so. He built new skills through his reading and writing and none more important than the confidence that he could, well, do just about anything.

He’s been a client for years and years and years now. Today, he demands a book a week from me. He devours them, writes me his learning, and asks for another. The board that hired me to work with him has told him that he doesn’t need any more work with me or any others for that matter. Their concerns have been eliminated as they’ve seen this leader grow like a weed. My client, however, has given them the Heisman. “I tell them, Chet, why would I stop now just when I’ve started to grow.”

So, friend, take an honest look in the mirror. Ask a trusted few. Figure out what acute pain could lead to growth in you, your team, your system. And, like my friend, baby step into it and keep going once you pick up speed. Effort counts twice as long as it’s the right area, applied with consistent pressure, constantly reaching, and always yearning for more. My client now loves what he once loathed, he’s confident where he once was confused, and he’s becoming elite and he knows it. How ’bout you?

Double down on effort, friend. Keep working. Effort counts twice and then some. Good…

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