Time is undefeated. You and I are more predictably irrational than we are rational. Our brains default to energy save mode (they know they use more energy than any other organ – smart, huh). The more accomplished we become the greater our tendency to think more and act less (we begin to play not to lose).

Today, do more than you think, keep reaching beyond your grasp without gambling everything on your ability to grab on, force your brain to focus on your OPUS (your labor of love) and live your CORE (Be who you are – you do know who you are, don’t you?). Stop distracting and delaying – do more, today, than you think. You can do a lot especially when your brain’s energy save mode is overridden by the overarching vision (Big dream) of your OPUS. Don’t just do more, Dream and do more. Dream and do. Frickin’ magic combo, friend.

Don’t be normal. Don’t fit in. Don’t be like most men and women as Henry David Thoreau observed back in the day – “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and die with their song still inside of them.” Don’t do that. That would be kinda dumb, wouldn’t it? I mean come on man, think! We’re not here to just go through the motions, are we?

Sing your song, friend. Sing your song, today. Time is undefeated, remember. Your fears holding you back are mostly irrational. Your brain is beautiful but you gotta make it work. Don’t delay the work within on your CORE. Most do. Don’t be like most, be more like Tecumseh. And, when it comes your time to die, you’ll still be singing (Just like he was). Good…

2 thoughts on “Sing…

  1. Thanks Chet! We all need more clarity and your writing is providing just that for me! The more I read, the more I study, the more I THINK……the easier it is to think a little more, read a little more and NOT take the Immediate Productive Action that is required! BIG DREAMS provide the fuel for Big Action! Thanks for sharing your World View, you model what you preach!

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