Today was a BTL practice festivus for me. The day flew by with still one more practice coming in fifteen minutes. I could write a book on my learning from just today. My gosh is it cleansing and convicting to see strong men show emotion, especially the emotion of caring. My God is it sad to see weak men make excuses instead of simply saying “my bad.”

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated, ask yourself one of Marcus Aurelius’ favorite questions – “Can whatever it is you’re going through be endured?” Of course the answer is yes it can. So stop whining Mr. Bigshot Executive and endure. Endure.

Today, a strong leader and I shared truth in love with one who is unaccustomed to being spoken to so, well, Spartan like. Today, we transferred tension to it’s rightful owner and did so without anger or raising our voices. We spoke truth. We told a teammate he’s failing, not that he’s a failure, but that he is failing to fulfill the obligations of his position. Fact. My God it is good to stand beside strong men and women whose aim is to stand for something regardless the cost.

What’s occupying your mind, friend? Are you worried about how to take on something you know you need to? Are you anxious about being straight with someone you love? Are you waiting until the time is right to speak truth in love?

You’ll be waiting, my soft friend, forever. Stop whining and complaining about the team ’round you, leader. Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Yeah, it won’t be easy and it’s likely gonna hurt.

Endure. Good…

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