Recently, with the change in my schedule, friday became my new favorite day of the work week. Friday became a day of client entertainment (golf), massage by Amber (the best in the world), steam room, long walk with Miss, sometimes a slo ride in the country alone on my bike, and always a long time alone in my favorite place – my study (read, write, reflect). I love friday and until last night it had replaced Wednesday as my favorite. I love Wednesday and until Amber arrived on the scene this winter, Wednesday had been in the pole position for quite some time. Wednesday’s start with k-dev practice two hundred something and finish with Choice practice two hundred something. These two teams are some kinda magic in their own unique way. I love them. Sandwiched in between are one on one practices with Dub (decade together), Durp (my Jewish brotherfromanothermother), and Lockton leaders who started with us back in 2002. Wednesday’s are hard to beat.

Well, Thursday just beat ’em both.

You see, Thursday’s have always been a contender. I mean, come on man, Thursday’s start in my basement (3PP) with 6-10 of my friends/clients working on our core’s like we’ve still got eligibility left. I love the comradarie of suffering and how strong it’s made us all. Love the jolt and the learning to simply endure. So good. From the 3PP I take the short drive over to Worthington and practice with Worldwide Bob from the ASF (Arnold Sports Festival), the largest sports festival in the world. Robert demands a lot and is willing to work even harder. My kinda guy. From there it’s over to the East side and team practice with some homies from Homeside. These guys are having record month after record month making mortgages simpler through the combination of technology and a handshake. We’re only on practice twenty something and yet it’s already starting to get good – really good. FM, baby.

By now it’s lunch time but there’s never time. So, a quick trip to Zest, grab a smoothie, gobble it down in the k-dev parking spot and then up the stairs to practice fifty something with the fauxnomo. These young leaders never leave me with anything but a smile. Their system is growing like a weed and these leaders are too. A little after 2bells I depart the short north and take a turn toward my favorite campus (actually, it’s tied for first with the ONE in Lawrence). “The room,” as they call it, is always hot and humid even when it’s the middle of winter. You see, the room, is the home of OSU Wrestling (the best in the world). Practice fifty something kicks off a few minutes before 3bells and it’s magic. These men have become like family to me. Grappy loves them and they can’t help but love him back. I love them and they’re beginning to deepen their love of their sport and each other. Chemistry arrived this year in a way you can’t describe, only experience. We finish up a bit past 4 and for the next hour, I’ll write and reflect and then it’s off to an early dinner with my son, Taylor and oftentimes my bride too. We meet at our traditional spot – 3rd & Hollywood, just down the street from Steelwood. It’s great to catch up with Tay and break some bread together. Always has been. So, so good.

It used to be this was the end of the day. Last night, however, a new tradition began. Sure, I turned to the north on 315 and headed toward home. Instead of cruising north for fifteen miles, I made a turn to the east in one. I parked and headed into the Schott where practice ONE with OSU Womens Basketball team kicked off a little after 7pm. These young ladies did not disappoint. It was only our first practice but they probably only held me at arms length for the first thirty minutes or so. The learning they shared from 7 good minutes had me smiling and them laughing, really laughing. We never know where team practice is gonna go once we get a team to practice two hundred something. I have a feeling this teams gonna get out of control much earlier. Good…

So, around 8:30pm last night, I pointed the Audi to the north and cruised home smiling silently to myself. My new favorite day of the week. As you might guess, I LOVE. I love Monday’s in KC and Monday’s in Chitown. I love Tuesday’s too. For now, however, I love Thursday’s just a little bit more. TGIT, friend. Thank God. Thank God, He made us all for a labor – a labor of LOVE.

What’s your favorite day living out your OPUS – your labor of love, friend? Thank God. And, keep giving. You never know when another love may arrive. Good…

5 thoughts on “TGIT…

  1. Chateaubriand in living color, Chet! I love it, as much as I love dreaming about your legacy that is here and now AND in the future! Thank you, God, for the ripples You are creating and inspiring through Chet Scott.

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