Your pen…

I’ve written few poems in my life and don’t find myself very poetic. I do enjoy writing and find great joy, satisfaction, and clarity from my relationship with the pen. Since becoming disciplined in putting pen to paper in 2005, I have noticed a subtle but real difference in my leadership of me. This is a big “why” behind my continued writing here.

Great lives, I believe, are led by people that gain clarity within through the power of the pen and the power of people that think, especially those that that think unlike them. Great lives require great clarity, great people and great Love. None are easy to find; All take time to nurture. Few find any. Fewer still, find ’em all.

Remember, you’ve got to become the CEO of Y.O.U., you’ve got to find a few distinctly different and deeply connect with ‘em, and you’ve got to get out of your own head and love – really love your work and your teams. There is power in your pen, peeps, and passionate purpose. There is power in your pen – your pen. Stop delaying, delegating, and distracting. Build within, friend. Begin this morning. Never stop. Good.

And, by way of reminder, here’s my only poem that’s been published. It’s on page 269 of the 12 playbook.

LOVE God, yourself, and people.
LOVE your work and LOVE your team.
LOVE the pursuit and passion of following your dream.
LOVE the falling and the failing.
LOVE recovering and the healing.
LOVE the breaking and the building.
LOVE the storm and savor the smooth sailing.
LOVE seasons and the changes.
LOVE what is not common and what makes no sense.
LOVE God, LOVE people, and remove your fence…


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