The Shoe fits…

Last night a few hundred souls gathered in the Shoe for some Sunday supper and a talk with yours truly. I was out of my comfort zone in setting and size. It would have been easy to leave my style and just straight up preach at the audience. As I stared out into the audience at eyes I couldn’t make out, I said a short prayer and let Cbear & Grappy’s introduction strengthen my heart. My bride and Krits were standing way back in the left corner with my fellow builder, Petey beside them. One glance and smile toward them and then I tuned into a few right in front of me. Turned out the table directly in front of me was filled with members of the National Championship Womens Rowing team. To their right were members of the National Runner up Men’s Lacrosse team. My eyes would gather here and just beyond to my friends from the greatest Wrestling program in the world. I focused on the few…

So, last nights theme was all around how you influence up. You see these athletes, just like you and me, struggle leading those in a “one up position.” Friends, this is a fact of human nature. We are naturally overly obedient to authority. This is your survival (FEAR) wiring and will keep you alive, at least for awhile.

The recipe for influencing up and all around is more around what not to do than it is about the opposite. The recipe for gaining influence starts with not succumbing to your natural state, not following the crowd, not changing who you are depending on whom you’re with, and not focusing on those far away from your gaze. Focus on your few and focus on those right in front of you, friend. The mentally healthy understand this and focus inward (CORE) more than outward. The stronger your mind, the more consistently you deliver, and the more believable you’re gonna become. Leaders are believers, remember.

So, friend, today be who you are. You do know who you are, right? If you’re a bit uneasy with your answer here, go back to your BTL core and rinse it till it’s squeaky clean. Good intentions are not good enough. Do the work within. Don’t delay, delegate, or distract. Do the work, the good, hard work within. A strong core, there is no substitute. Good.

Now, assuming you know who you are, trust it. Be who you are, friend. Don’t change out of fear. Don’t get all anxious and change your message. Remember, you are the message. Be you. Connect with your few and the few in front of you. You’ll see, the shoe fits. Good…

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