Turn toward version 2.0…

Trust is all about turning toward.

Trust, the kind that bonds us to another, is mostly built by how we send and receive “bids.” These bids are our attempts to connect with another. Tell me about your day, son. How’s your dinner tasting? Tell me about the music you’re listening to? Tell me more, help me understand what you’re thinking, let’s go to Church this morning, you wanna go to a movie tonight, and thousands of other mundane and seemingly immaterial bids are the lifeblood of every human relationship. You see, the mundane moments matter. Funny, huh.

Today, turn toward the bids of those that mean the most to you – your inner circle. Tune in to the look, tone, nuance, and body language. Tune into your spouse, sibling, son, teammate, or neighbor and begin to notice the thousands of bids for attention that you’ve mostly missed. Slow down and retrace your steps, so to speak. Look up from your screen. Look away from your “followers” on Instagram, padagram, or any other social media site. Look into the eyes of the ones you’re with.

Turn away from your screen and your habit of scanning and skimming. Go deeper with a few. Your second nature is being built, slowly. You will need to reread your closest relationships over and over to truly grasp who they are. You will have to reread your bride, brother, and your boy, over and over and over again. Slowly, the magic will come. Most likely, within the mundane bids and how you choose to respond. Like me you may have already mastered the two you don’t want – turning away and turning against. These come naturally, sad to say. Build your second nature and practice turning toward, turning toward, turning toward and turning toward some more. As you turn toward a few you’ll receive what you’re giving. You will not only understand them, you’ll begin to understand yourself. You’ll not only learn to trust them, you’ll deepen your trust within.

Turn toward. Good…

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