Sunday in The Shoe…

This Sunday we’re gonna hold BTL team practice in one of the most famous sanctuaries in these United States. No, this is not a formal place of worship. Nope, it’s not. However, on Fall Saturday’s in central Ohio, it’s filled to standing room only as humans from all around the great state of Ohio (and many other states too) congregate to cheer on their favorite team – The Ohio State Buckeyes. For many, it’s the closest they come to worship…

Sunday night in the southeast corner of “The Shoe,” BTL’s gonna run team practice with a collection of teammates from different teams. We’re gonna learn a little about human nature, mental health, increasing our influence, core strength, and becoming ONE, distinct and deeply connected. The stadium will not be filled to capacity, not even close. But, compared to most BTL team practices, this one will be bigger. The audience will be much bigger. Good.

So, friend, when you’re one on one, one on a few, one on a few more, or one on many, many more than normal, what changes? What changes? When you study masters, here’s what you’re gonna learn – not much changes. You see, the more comfortable you are within, friend, the more consistent you are regardless the scene, circumstance, or size of the stadium. Sunday in the Shoe ain’t any different than Monday in KC, Tuesday’s with Dub & The Arnold Sports Festival, Wednesday’s with k-dev and Choice, Thursday’s with team after team after team after team, or Friday’s like today invested with a select few and lots of time in my room – alone.

Be who you are, friend. Be who you are.

The reason we build within, friend, is ’cause we never know when unchosen suffering’s gonna interrupt our best laid plans. We build within for our everyday and for the exceptions, both good and not so good. This Sunday night I’m running practice outside my norm. This Sunday is one of those good exceptions and it’s gonna be a joy. Funny, in my mind, it’s always another practice in front of the same audience from Sunday through Saturday. The audience I’m always playing for is an audience of ONE.

God, help me keep my eyes on you. God, help me be who I am. God, help me…

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