Off the charts…

Draw a tiny dot in the middle of a piece of paper and draw a large circle around it. You are the tiny dot and the circle represents your circle of influence. Next draw arrows from you (tiny dot) out toward the circle. Draw them so they look kinda like spokes on the wheel of a bicycle. Most humans live life like this illustration, they constantly try to change people and circumstances in an attempt to impact their sphere of influence. This is a great source of mental anguish in our world and leads to some kinda mental illness. Look around for countless examples, they’re everywhere. Self centered and other controlling, is a recipe for driving yourself nuts. Do you see it? Today, during a tight practice with a few ccd teammates, we revisited the BTL recipe for mental health.

We call this mental health 101 and it’s the recipe for building yourself into someone mentally strong. Let’s revisit our earlier drawing. Take that same circle you drew earlier and begin to draw around the tiny dot in the middle. You will notice the arrows are losing size as you increase yours. This represents you working on building you. The stronger your sense of self, the stronger your influence. Fact. Remember, mass attracts mass.

Mass attracts mass.

Now draw the tiny dot into a filled in circle. The more you become CORE centered and self controling the more influence flows your way. And, the less psychic energy you gotta burn – talk about an added bonus, huh. This is the one you want, friend. The recipe for mental health 101 is another simple word change. Instead of following the worlds model which we know doesn’t work, we decide to focus our efforts where they will have the deepest impact while depleting us the least. We become CORE centered and self controlling. This human is mentally healthy and what would you guess just happened to her circle of influence?

It’s off the charts…

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