The good old days…

Today, during practice 208 and 240 with a couple teams I love, we listened to a little Macklemore and Milgram. You see, Mac’s an artist who loves to write about the human condition and Stanley Milgram’s a scientist who loves to study the same. On Monday, FD and I laughed and laughed about how nuts it is that we’re getting paid to do work we love. It is nuts. Today, Anthony shared some of his weirdness as he talked about bio-engineering at the conclusion of 208. Lauren shared how lost she was at the end of 240. Josh brought clarity to her, I brought clarity to Antheman.

And, as I exited both teams, I was swallowed up with love. Frankee, Jigglemuff, Lauren, jmo, Hopper, and a few more wouldn’t let me leave without touching and telling me that they’re thinking of me and my Miss. Kinda reminded me of another Macklemore track – These really are the good old days. Thanks, teams, for caring for me and for giving me the gift of your belief. So good to grow up with you. So good.

Tomorrow’s gonna start early with over 20 crazies showing up for some core work at The Shoe. We’re gonna put ourselves in some chosen suffering. Beth’s gonna make us hurt on the sprints. Grappy’s gonna make us hurt on the stairs. jmo’s gonna make us pay when we push it up. Downer’s gonna make us wish we never thought about burping. And, I’ll be smiling the whole time as, together, we suffer. You see, friend, I’ve come to believe that life is better when enjoyed among friends, even when we’re only enjoying the comradarie of suffering. Tomorrow’s gonna be another one of the good old days. Heading to small group now and can hardly wait. These really are the good old days. The good old days.


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