Tune in like an animal being stalked…

Police officers suck at catching the person who is telling the truth.  Business people suck at catching people who are telling a lie.  The former assumes everybody is lying, the latter is motivated to give the benefit of the doubt.  In fact, most business leaders don’t want to know the truth unless the team or individual is not performing. This is a big reason so many innocent folks find themselves falsely accused and why corporate fraud is societies biggest offense.

If you’re a cop reading this, lean against your tendency and give a little bennies toward the accused.  And, practice studying the behavioral signs of deceit.  Start by reading all of Ekmans stuff.  There’s a reason he’s called the “father of the face.”  If you’re a business leader reading this, lean against your tendency and assume less about the amount of truth coming your way.  Ask more questions to those closest to you. Inspect what you expect.  And, read all of Ekmans stuff about the behavioral signs of deceit.  The higher up you are, the more lies you are being told.

The only group highlighted by Ekman in his book, Telling Lies, that does better than chance in detecting who is lying and who is telling the truth is somewhat surprising and kinda not.  Cops suck.  Judges too.  CIA is no better or worse than the FBI, they both stink.  Business and the Church equally disappoint.  Who scored the best on Ekmans test?

The Secret Service.

They “tune in like an animal being stalked” as a requirement of their job.  They can’t afford to make a mistake and they can’t just go around arresting anybody that looks kinda suspicious.

Here’s some quick practice for you to catch more truth and more lies coming your way.  Look people in the eyes when the stakes are high.  Listen to the tone of their voice.  If it’s higher than normal, be more alert.  Watch their lips and their eyes when they smile at you.  A “real” smile always creases the muscles on both sides of the face, slightly upward around the lips and causes the eyes to close slightly, not widen.  And, the eyebrows slightly lower.  Most lies are told when the liar is smiling.  Funny, huh.

Today, tune in like an animal being stalked. Good…

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