Today, during an early morning practice, I asked my high performing client how he prepares for an average day at the office. He took me through his rituals, routines, and handful of disciplines that have made him one of the highest paid people on the planet, a respected leader, and the consummate professional. Then I dropped the hammer. “So, friend, walk me through how you prepare for re-entry at home after an average day being a pro?” The silence was deafening. I can so relate. Can you?

You see, my client and I have some work to do cheating toward home, cheating toward meaning instead of a metric, and cheating toward loved ones instead of our well defined labor of love. My client is gonna put a little more prep work into re-entry. Me too.

How ’bout you, friend? Are you cheating toward home? Are you cheating toward loved ones? Are you cheating toward some charity? Or, are you only cheating in one direction, cheating those you’ve kinda taken for granted?

My high performing client and I are cheating. We’re cheating toward home. How ’bout you, friend?

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