Good intentions…

Today, at the end of practice with my favorite Chitown client, FD hit the team with some good truth about why we call BTL practice, well, practice. He reminded them that when he played professional soccer, the team practiced for six days a week and played games for one. He told them the reason we’re listening to Macklemore songs instead of Tony Robbins bullshit is because we’re not trying to inspire them for one more push up the mountain, or one more run through the burning coals. We call BTL practice, practice, because it’s means what it says – we’re practicing.

We’re not in a meeting when we hold BTL practice, are we? Nope, we’re not. Meetings are mundane, boring, and mostly about some kinda update or cya. Practice is about improving skill, building trust, and exposing strengths and weaknesses alike. This is not normal. You gotta love the practice and the pursuit of getting better. You gotta be willing to be vulnerable and exposed. Nobody is untouchable in BTL practice, not even the President. You see, in BTL practice we’re all peers, we’re all just people aimed at becoming virtuous teammates, the kind we can all count upon.

Don’t let this be an inspirational day, FD challenged our Chitown team. Go practice. Go choose to do the work. Go choose to practice prior to our next team practice. I mean come on man, do you think professionals only practice when the coach blows the whistle? Of course not. Professionals focus on the process not the result. Professionals understand that practice, practice, practice, is the process. Next month this team of professionals is gonna have one helluva practice. Today, laid the foundation. They’ve got a bunch of PA to knock out and I’m certain at least a few are gonna take a swing at it. I can hardly wait.

Today, we learned that good intentions aren’t enough, burying the pain doesn’t work for long, loving what the labor affords isn’t the same as living a labor of love, and that the good old days are now. Yes, friend, these are the good old days. Make them count. Thanks, Macklemore, for being such a great storyteller and artist, kinda like Coldplay and their song Talk, it’s a whole lot easier to learn leadership from artists than it is to learn it from talking heads. God, help me keep mastering this art. God, help me keep doing the work, modeling the way, embracing pain and suffering, and embodying truth in love. God, help me never forget that good intentions aren’t enough. God, help me. Good…

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