All thinking…

If you’re not so young, like me, you may be looking at these millennials and kinda shaking your head. I mean come on man, they’re so different than the children of the greatest generation, right?


Yesterday, during practice 55 with a team of wise wrestlers, a young Leonardo asked me a piercing question about how you make decisions when the stuff you know, you can never really know. When I asked him to tell me more, he laid it out with crystal clarity. This young man is awake, thinking, and already doing more than most. His mind is changing. Mine too…

Last night, during practice 3, a team of ballers brought more of the same. One of the leaders asked one of the most profound questions I’ve heard in fifteen years of BTL combined with twenty years in corporate America. She wanted a further definition of what it means to want something – are we wanting it ‘cause we’ve never possessed it, ‘cause somebody else has it, or because it clearly has value. Both of these millennials are high performers, thoughtful, leaders, and represent the next generation of this great land.

You see, friend, it’s always the few carrying the load. The few coming up today are gonna be just fine. We’re in good hands. Your problem, fellow fifty something, is you’re hanging around with a few too many closed minds. You know, folks that think like you do. Go on, leader, mix it up with those young folks on your front line. You don’t need another board member or world class executive to figure out how to reach those millennials making up more and more of your workforce. Nope, you don’t. You, friend, need to practice beside ‘em, listen to them, and open your mind to what good news you’re gonna hear. Remember, leader, you’ve got exactly the team you deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Your front line, millennials, are not the problem. Figuring out how to align with them – now that’s an opportunity for all of us.

Now we’re all thinking. Remember, the best teams have diversity of thought. The aim, leader, is not to get us all thinking alike (group/mob madness). The aim is simply to get us all thinking. All thinking. Good…

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