Daily observations…

Today started early with sixty three minutes of core work in the 3PP. It was good even though it felt harder than usual. After some oats, Miss, Tank, and I headed out around 11bells for a ninety minute walk around High Banks Park. Gorgeous. Upon our return we fixed up some tacos and chowed down. Delish.

Time for some quiet. So, into my library I wandered. First, I picked up the book titled Lunch With C.S. Lewis. This baby was a gift and it’s gonna be a fun, easy read. I read her for about sixty minutes – felt like fifteen. Next, it was time to check for my latest Amazon deliveries. Sure enough, they had arrived silently on the front porch as if dropped from Heaven. Two books arrived out of the sky, the latest from the Heath Brothers and Principles Written by Ray Dalio. I’m about fifty pages into Dalio and it’s gonna be good. This dude started his firm, Bridgewater, back in 1975 and has been all about meaningful work and meaningful relationships ever since. At least that’s one of his principles – who am I to judge. After googling him, he’s worth 17 billion, been married since 1977, built one of the most influential private firms in the world, and vowed (alongside Bill Gates) to give half his wealth away while still ticking.

His first guiding principle is a good one – learn to think for yourself. However, on page 23 he lays out one that got me kinda lit. He began to write what he’s thinking back in the late 1970’s to keep his clients informed. It wasn’t long before he made this a daily discipline and he doesn’t plan to stop. I can relate. It was way back in 2006 for me. My one international client told me there was this thing called a “blog” and I should start one. I had been simply sending the occasional email and this client wanted more frequent communication around my thinking. So, I took their advice and began writing back in October of 2006. The first months I wrote around 7 or 8 times. Slowly, I’ve picked up the pace. Today, I write nearly everyday and the clarity has been life changing for me.

I’ll let you know if the rest of this book is worth your attention. It started out strong. We’ll see. Ray and I may not share much in common but we both agree there is power in thinking for yourself and there is power in putting your thinking out there. There is power in your pen, friend. Power in your pen and in recording your daily observations.

May seem trivial. May seem vain. Don’t do it for others. Don’t do it for selfish gain. Do it for clarity. Do it even when it’s a pain. Just do it…

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