It’s not…

For most humans the enemy is within. Far too frequently we listen to the script in our head and it’s not good. For instance, one of the most frequent scripts played countless times each day and night goes something like this – “It’s too late,” meaning it’s too late to make a change. If you find yourself listening to something similar, it’s time for a word change. Words matter and the words you listen to in your head matter most. Fact, my friend.

When the prodigal son finally decides he’s tired of sleeping in pig shit, he plays a hopeful and conciliatory script in some kinda crazy cranium simulcast. He’s hopeful his father won’t reject him completely but he knows he doesn’t deserve the position he once held. He realizes he blew it, figures he’ll return to the life of some low life servant, but decides it’s better than the hell he’s in. So, he slowly makes his way toward home. He has no idea…

The father has no such divide. The father catches a distant glimpse of the prodigal and takes off toward him. Yes that’s right – the old man “upstairs” runs toward his lost one who is on the way home. The father doesn’t wait. The father doesn’t require the stinky son gets cleaned up first. He wraps his arms around his long, lost son and doesn’t even notice the foul smell or his foul deeds. He kisses his son and prepares a celebratory feast. You see, it’s never too late for God. God is moving toward you and me and waiting, just waiting for us to make some kinda move toward Him. Here’s the script He plays. Don’t miss this. This could be Huge.

“It’s not too late…”

God, help me understand the crazy script isn’t from you. God, help me realize your ways are not mine. God, help me receive your Grace and pass some of it along. So, friend, as long as we’re still breathing – It’s. Not. Too. Late.

Grace. Peace. Good…

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