Getting ready for practice ONE by reading a little Alister McGrath book on C.S. Lewis. Today’s new client authored discovery more thoughtfully and thoroughly than any I’ve seen in fifteen years of doing discovery. The sun is shining, the sky a bright, Kansaskinda blue, and the days of humidity have disappeared. Today is crisp and clean. Good…

Discovery questions illuminate. Kinda like the rising sun, a well authored discovery sheds light on what’s always been there, it’s just not been out in the wide open of the Great Plains for us to see. Discovery questions, all 81 of them, are an opportunity to see who we are, how we think, what we believe about many of the big questions of life, and begin the process of going deeper. You see, friend, self awareness starts with you and I seeing ourselves as we really are.

A 360 tells us how others see us. MBTI tells us how Meyers/Briggs profile us. Kolbe tells us how they profile us and DISC does likewise. Even customized profilers put together by the latest algorithms and using the coolest analytics can only spit out another version of what their system believes we are. All of these tools are helpful and there are many, many, more. None are a mirror. There are no tools that offer you a mirror and clearly bring into focus your face so you can perfectly see yourself.

At BTL, we believe self awareness begins with self discovery. This is why we always begin the building process here. A well authored discovery will be painful and powerful. As you begin to discover your perspective on you, you and your builder can begin to work toward the dream of building a better, more virtuous you. We will use many tools, techniques, assessments, and assignments toward this aim. None are more powerful than your pen.

None, except one…

As I’m reading Lewis this morning it’s been illuminating to realize how easily we suffer from self deception on this road to self awareness. For me, contemplating Christ is as helpful as leaving a closed cave with a flickering fire and seeing the sun expose me fully. I am hopeful what today will bring to light with my new client. I know that learning more about him, more of me will come to light too. You see, friend, together we improve. It’s more than our tagline at BTL. It’s what we expect from our clients and demand from ourselves.

As we go deeper in discovery together, we learn the lesson of the elite – hard on self without getting down on self. Hard on self without getting down on self. Self aware, not self delusional. Discovery is a tool for transforming from our natural state of self centered/other controlling toward CORE centered/self controlling. Today, a new client and I begin discovery. I know he’s not the only one whose got a lot to learn and clearly see. God, help me see. God, help me look within and align beliefs & behaviors. God, help me contemplate Christ and become a more virtuous version of who you’ve made me to be. God, help me become one. God, help me.


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