No stability without volatility…

There is no stability without volatility. Do not get too comfortable in whatever is your work. Embrace the adversity. Fires dissipate without obstacles in their path. You too lose energy when whatever you’re working toward does not push back and make you do what you can. Chuck Yeager would not have broke the sound barrier if he didn’t embrace the volatility that led to stability. Fact.

Today, a couple cool teams broke through their sound barrier if you will. It always feels a bit bumpy on the way to breaking through. No stability without volatility. Embrace the adversity. Use it. Stop cruising around below the clouds, friend. You and I were meant to fly through them, get up above them, and take it where we’ve never been before. We were just learning to fly during practice 35 and 19 today. Learning to fly. It won’t be long before we’re breaking through to the other side, till we’re breaking our sound barrier of sorts. Every team, remember, is limited by the level of conversations they have. Today, a couple cool teams took their conversations up a bit higher. It was a little bumpy climbing. It’s meant to be.

I’m headed home with my Miss in a few minutes. Can hardly wait to get above the clouds in conversation. No stability without volatility. Good…

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