Tired by your work, not of it…

According to modern science, the first condition for you to put yourself in an optimal performance state is that your goals are clear. If it were this easy the world would be filled with flow. I mean come on man, how many of you out there don’t know what you’re aiming at, what you want out of this year, or what you hope to accomplish this quarter? Grappy and I were laughing the other day about what wrestling team doesn’t want to win the national championship? Of course, they all do. What producer doesn’t want to see their book grow and grow rather substantially? The problem with finding flow by starting with goal setting is it’s not a high enough aim.

The first essential for finding and sustaining flow is finding the love. You’ve got to love whatever it is you’re aiming at. It’s that easy and that hard. It is not enough to have clear goals – You’ve got to love them. You’ve got to love something besides becoming a 5mm producer. You see, you can’t control that. And, once you hit it, you won’t have the same energy for going further. It’s not enough to aim at winning a National Championship either. You’ve got to aim higher. You see, flow is found when you fall – fall in love, that is. Flow starts when you fall in love with the work and focus on what you can control.

It’s good to be tired when you’re tired by your work, not of your work.

Tonight, I’ll sleep well. Finding flow has depleted me but not drained me. Tomorrow, I’ll be ready to get after it again. You see, hard opus you sustain as you perspire. Hard labor you will disdain as you tire. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Might I suggest you find the love, first.

Tomorrow at 7:57 Grappy, downer, littlest flicker, Blondie, Stud, jmo, PJ, and a few more will join me over at Steelwood for 90 minutes of hard opus. The comradarie of suffering will have us laughing while we do hard things together. We will laugh, trash talk, and accomplish much more together than any of us would on our own. We’re not working for a company, we’re another coalition coming together because, well, together we improve. Tomorrow we’re gonna put ourselves in flow ‘cause we love suffering together so we can suffer less when we’re not. Tomorrow we’ll be tired by our work, not of it.

What about you friend? Are you tired by your work, not of it? Good…

2 thoughts on “Tired by your work, not of it…

  1. As I read this blog my mind was jumping all over the place, your talk to the OSU Athletes and the challenge you proposed to them:
    The 3 Buckets and what are they doing to improve as an athlete,
    Skill….refining skills they have or learning new skills to improve
    Passion…..are you falling more in love with your sport
    Effort……Are you showing up and giving your very best even when your tired, spent and maybe not as motivated as you wiuld like and still giving the best you have to offer!
    I saw a whole lot of this in your message today!
    I was thinking about the difference between Amateurs and Professionals and your committment to the Professional life, building mastery in your writing writing by showing up everyday and doing the hard work.
    Thank you, your a great role model for all!

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