Do more than you think…

Today, we’re gonna start practice 45 by going back to 44. We’re starting with the teams learning and PA from practice 44. There was a lot of learning available. I want to hear from everyone what they took from 44 and put into action to get better. We don’t get better acquiring knowledge, remember. We get better by doing something with it. Do more than you think, friends.

Everyday, friend, you are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge, learn skills, and further yourself toward the aim of mastering your craft, mastering your specific domain. The problem for most of us is we’re stuck in the knowing/doing trap. Do more than you think. Of course, this assumes you are crystal clear on your aim, on the overarching vision to your labor of love, your OPUS.

You know this is true if you’re reading this. Here’s a few questions to assess if you’re doing this…

Have you done the work? Are you clear with your aim? Have you aligned your purpose, the defining statement of your work, toward your overarching vision? Are your unifying strategies, well, unifying your behaviors toward this aim? Is your scorecard significant?

Think. Build within. Author OPUS. And, once you’ve done the hard work what are you waiting for? Do more than you think. Good…

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