Be remarkable…

Julian Bakery is my favorite place to go for fresh baked goods. I’ve never been there and most likely never will. You see, friend, Julian Bakery is just outside Los Angeles, California. They make a sunflower bar loaded with protein instead of sugar, that is my morning grab n go. How did I find them, you ask?

They found me via instagram and the Facebook algorithms that track my every movement and yours too. They found me because Facebook owned instagram doesn’t just send me photo’s and video’s of people/products/things I’m following. Nope that would be way too yesterday. Facebook knows to send me protein related products ‘cause they know my behaviors online. Scary and outstanding at the same time.

Here’s the reality check for all us, friend. It’s never been a better time to be remarkable or a worse time to be normal. Build something amazing, master something material, be the best in your domain, and the world is gonna find you. Be remarkable and somehow, someday, you’re gonna get noticed. However, if you’re just trying to get by, do a decent job, deliver some kinda garden variety service some of the time – good luck. There’s never been a worse time to be mediocre. We’re exposing the few geniuses to more of us. Scary and outstanding depending on your level of expertise.

Be remarkable.

Build skill, passion, and double down your effort in your domain of choice. Master your craft and never stop the relentless pursuit of excellence. Excellence is essential, especially today. I’m not sure how Julian does it, but I’m glad she found my front porch. Thanks, Facebook, instagram, Amazon, and Julian for knowing what I need even before I do. Thanks for being remarkable, you all. Thanks, I think…

Wake up, friend. When the world knocks on your door, you better be building, rinsing, and mastering your craft. You better be ready to stand and deliver something outstanding.

Be remarkable. Good…

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