Dream and do version x.0…

“Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move humankind,” said a now dead German named Goethe. You can do more than you think. Do more than you think, friend. I’ve been saying this one for awhile. And the magic is found when we dream and do. Dream and do.

Today, during practice 10, we focused on a classic dreamer and a classic doer. The dreamer is a daydreamer. He dreams big and does little. His problem is he thinks more than he does. We want to believe him but we do not. You see, friend, everybody is from Missouri when evaluating others. We wait to believe. We wait until you show us. The doer is a very busy lady. She is a pro’s pro. She is doing the work. The problem is she’s getting tired of stepping around all the piles of do do littering her very productive path. Her words – “I’m navigating around the piles and watching others while they are gleefully laying them. I’m just getting tired. There are so many obstacles. You look at your timeline with only 15 years left and can you just go cash your paycheck and be good with that. It’s disappointing when you keep trying and failing. Writing them down feels like the failure is more black and white. So, I don’t.” She’s on the do, do, do trail. It won’t be long before she steps in it.

Dream and do. Dream biggER, friend. Much biggER in fact. And, develop the habit of doing stuff like Kit Carson. Once he dreamt it, he went out and made it a “done so.” Today, brought some clarity to a team of sixteen. We learned a lot in four hours that felt like 40 minutes. We don’t get better, however, by simply acquiring knowledge. We get better by doing something with what we’ve learned. We get better as we dream and do. Do you have a big dream worth your commitment to do? Are you too busy doing? Are you dreaming by day?

Dream and do. Don’t keep delaying either side of the equation. You are designed to dream and do. You are not designed to resign yourself to a life as a doer. You are not designed to dream and let others do all the work. You are designed to dream your own dream and do something about it. Dream and do. Good…

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