Food for thought and your soul…

It’s a quiet Sunday morning in my office. Gramatik is playing on Spotify (thanks Tay), a source of great music I don’t own, but listen to as if I did. The coffee I’m enjoying comes from half way around the country, is organic and tastes out of this world (thanks Miss). The paleo, protein bar I just inhaled came from California. Thank you Instagram, I think…

Speaking of social, I’ve not seen any friends this morning, not talked to anybody, and not left my house. However, through a variety of media, I’ve seen pictures, posts, and peeps – my peeps. I’m alone. My soul knows this; my brain, not so much. You see, friend, you are not your brain. Your brain gets fed by the illusion of being with; your soul, not so much.

So, a few minutes from now, I’m headed outside without facebook, instagram, amazon, or google. Nobody’s gonna be tracking my behaviors for the next 90 minutes. I’m gonna connect with nature and maybe even talk to some neighbors. Later today, I’m headed to Church to connect with another community. Who knows, I may even experience time alone with my creator. This afternoon, I’m headed to the Schott to talk, touch, and invest time watching my new client play ball – basketball, that is. And, tonight, if Miss and I are lucky we’re gonna share a pot roast with Tay. If we’re not so lucky, we’ll simply be together and share some of her homemade, ancient wheat bread (thanks facebook).

If you want to read something good for your soul, try on anything C.S. Lewis wrote, check out Meditations from Marcus Aurelius, or read one of the classics. If you want to better understand the forces facing your business, read The four, by Scott Galloway. I’m halfway through this read and it’s enlightening and terrifying. Scott’s been studying the big four – facebook, google, amazon, and apple. Forget what you think you know. Devour this baby and extrapolate to your world of work. You’re gonna learn a lot that you think you already know. The book is filled with food for thought.

I’m out walking now. Enough facebook. Enough food for thought. Time to feed my soul. Food for thought and my soul. Good…

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