Nato’s way…

Last week, during practice 57 with a team of grapplers, Nato shared his learning from reading the book I had given him titled The Obstacle is the Way. He freakin’ devoured it and gave a worthy doctorate disortation on Ryan Holiday’s short, sweet take on turning trials into triumphs. The wrestling room felt a lot like a sanctuary as a team of over thirty, tough grapplers tuned in to their injured leader. Nato challenged them to be tougher on the inside – “When we slice you open is it iron or bullshit?” Nice one, young Nato.

As practice began to wind down another leader, this one named Kyle, asked one of the newbies if he’s missing something in this environment to be the best he can be. After some good convo between Kyle and his new teammate, Kyle shared very ccd that phrases help him (At BTL we call these mantras). Do you have any of those, he inquired curiously. Turned out his teammate had just been writing about this earlier in our practice. He has a fear or stress of being scored on. He needs to set fire to this and not hold back. He is talking to Tervel to change this mindset and coming up with a mantra just might help, he concluded. Here’s where it got really good.

You see, friend, Kyle Snyder is not just the best wrestler on this team, in this conference, or even in this great country of ours. Kyle is the best wrestler in the world. You would think that everyone in proximity to him would know all the tricks to his trade, right? Wrong. When I asked for a show of hands for how many teammates knew Kyle’s favorite mantra to get his mind right before every event, a startling high number of his teammates didn’t know. Crazy huh. His own teammates hadn’t been curious enough to ask. His coaches hadn’t somehow made sure everyone knew. So, we took some time and had Kyle share some of his stuff.

We talked about sharing knowledge. Great teams share knowledge. Normal teams horde it. Share more, team. Share more. And, don’t be afraid to ask the top performers around you to share some of their keys to success. Don’t be afraid to ask. Here’s one thing you can be sure you’ll find. All top performers have had obstacles in their way. All of ‘em. The best among us use the obstacles as a catapult, right Nato? They turn Nato’s nightmare into Nato’s way.

Assume less, friend. Ask more. Share more. Find your way forward. Good..

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