Hard now…

M. Scott Peck did us all a favor when he wrote his magnum opus titled, The Road Less Traveled. If you haven’t read this a couple times you are missing out on some serious wisdom. His opening sentence describes the melody line for great lives. This melody line is honest and not what the majority want to hear. Here it is. Do not miss this. This could be huge…

“Life is difficult.”

Thank you, doctor. Talk about ccd. Here’s my “and.” What, do you suppose, makes our lives so difficult? There are an endless supply of answers and you most assuredly know your own struggle better than I…

Loss is hard. Love is hard. Labor is hard. Health is hard. Family is hard. Fighting is hard. Winning is hard. Discipline is hard. Letting go is hard. Sacrifice is hard. Training is hard. War is hard. Peace is hard. Aging is hard. Standing is hard. Humility is hard. Teamwork is hard. Justice is hard. Forgiveness is hard. Failure is hard. Feeling is hard. Forgetting is hard. Forever is hard. Marriage is hard. Depression is hard. Anxiety is hard. Dementia is hard. Disease is hard. Divorce is hard. Betrayal is hard. Death is hard. Conflict is hard. Courage is hard. Poise is hard. Leading is hard. Patience is hard. Perseverance is hard. Practice is hard. Reading is hard. Speaking is hard. Listening is hard. Writing is hard. Caring is hard. Repenting is hard. Repairing is hard. Retreating is hard. And, on and on the list goes. Peck was right; Life is hard. The hardest thing, however, is becoming ourselves. Let that one sink in for awhile…

The hardest thing is becoming who we are.

The hardest thing in the world is to be ourselves. Pain is inevitable; misery is a choice. Do the hard work within, now, and life will get easier. Choose to delay your discovery within and life will seem easier for awhile but not for long.

Hard now; easier later. Easy now; harder down the road. Today, I challenged one of my clients to stop delaying the hard work within. I’m imploring him to choose hard now. His choice. Yours too. Choices have consequences.


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