The crucible reveals…

Last night, during practice 6 with another OSU team of athletes, we talked about what gives a boat poise in the water. I took them below deck, so to speak, and introduced them to the facts about what keeps you and I steady in life’s inevitable storms. You see, friend, just like any ocean going sailboat, the bigger the sail, the more weight needed in the keel. Captains, your keel, is your BTL core. The higher you rise in any system, the more ballast you need within, the more strength you gotta have within where nobody sees…

Today, we face a crisis of leadership. We have an abundance of leaders looking good with their big, bright, high flying sails out cruising in the harbor for all to see. Too many have spent too much time focused on what their team, investors, owners, and others can see. Many look good. Few, however, are good. The majority of our leaders have little ballast in their keel. Watch what happens when the next 2008 kinda correction blows up against their boat, you’ll see. It is easy to look good when the seas are calm and you spend most of your time doing parade laps in the safety and security of the harbor. What, my friend, are you focused on? Looking good and rising in your system? Making sure you’ve got the brightest boat in the harbor for all to see? Or, are you putting weight in your keel where no one sees, but you know?

Be good. Do good. Enough that matter will notice. Focus here. Focus within, friend.

Size matters, just not the kinda size the world can see. Build your CORE. The time you’re gonna need it is not the time to start. Poise and even keeled are a couple nautical terms you oughta know if you’re attempting to lead anything. Poise under pressure comes from a strong, BTL core. The higher your sail, the proportionally deeper your need for more ballast below. Build here, leader. You see, being even keeled during life’s inevitable storms isn’t reserved for certain personality types, folks with specific strengthsfinder kinda attributes, or peeps with proper, higher educations. Even keeled leaders are built with ballast. Ballast below the waterline. Ballast that nobody sees until the crucible simply reveals. Build here while there is still time. Build now. 

Every season, regardless your endeavor, business, or sport, is gonna bring it’s share of smooth sailing and pop up storms. Your best bet for maintaining a consistency in your performance regardless the circumstances, is a strong, BTL core. We could use a few more leaders with this kinda strength within, with poise under pressure, and consistency regardless the circumstance. Last night, a team of OSU athletes began building where only they can see. It’s gonna be good even when it’s not. It’s gonna be good when they’re hot. It’s gonna be good when they’re ice cold. It’s gonna be good when they sense each other’s poise under pressure. It’s gonna be good when the crucible reveals what’s inside. It’s gonna be good…

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