Believe in and believe them…

Today, during practice 36 with a very productive team, we ended practice with me summarizing what another associate said to his teammate. He used more words than I do in finding the melody line. My ccd summary seemed to hit home as I told the young beak what his teammate had shared. Here’s what I said, for what it’s worth to those of you reading along. It told the young beak that his teammate wanted him to hear – “I believe in you. I don’t believe you.”

Leaders are believers, remember. We run through walls for those whom we believe in and we believe at their word. Today, young beak, was told some hard truth. His teammates seem to believe in him but not believe him. History has always taught us that the transformational leaders capture our belief. We believe in them and we believe them. Don’t make the mistake of missing the “and.”

Are you believable? Do you know what you believe? Are you living on your potential or living out your beliefs with the discipline of productive action? BTL leaders are the kind we believe in and believe them. Be one. Good…

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