E pluribus unum..

E pluribus unum. Since America’s founding, this Latin phrase has graced our seal and countless coinage. “Out of many, one.” Our founders dream was to unite thirteen colonies into one country. Our aim at BTL aligns quite nicely with our founders. “We Awaken, Challenge, and together we Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.” This is why we are here. This is why we practice one on one, one on a few, and one on a few more. This is why we practice speaking and listening BTL style until our clients achieve mastery.

Monday, I was in KC holding a couple team practices and a handful of one on one practices. We’re working with high performing teams filled with talent and overflowing with success. They’ve been enjoying this kinda success for decades. Only recently, however, have they begun the hard work to practice with BTL and attempt to transform a team of individuals into a team of ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL. They are far from unified as they once were back in the day when they, kinda like our thirteen colonies, were younger, much smaller, humbler, and a bit more open to ideas that weren’t their own. Normal.

So, yesterday, BTL facilitated more practices and provided the conditions to deepen the trust between a few distinctly different.  We always agitate a few along the way. Yesterday, I poked Paul without even trying to. Paul responded in the moment he was tweaked. Trust was built and it didn’t even hurt. These teams, like every team we work with has to learn to agitate their own. The best agitate without aggravating and alienating. The best agitate and align. Never perfect. Never complete. The best simply find the common ground and unite on what they can. This is true for your team, leader, and it’s true for all of America. All couples, communities, and companies have conflict. Fact. It doesn’t get better by ignoring it. It doesn’t get better by whining about it. It gets better when you choose, kinda like Timmyd and team, to grab the reins and do something positive about it. Good.

If our best days our ahead, it will be because we found ways to align very distinct and very different people groups and “out of many, one.” E pluribus unum. Easy to say. Hard to win. Harder to order. And, hardest to maintain over time and through success. Funny, almost any system can handle adversity. It’s too much of a good thing that tends to divide.

What kinda system you building, friend?

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