Speak less. Say more…

Talk IS cheap.

According to Albert Mehrabian from the University of California, listeners remember very little of the words you and I speak. He’s the guy that coined 55,38,7.  This is one of the “construction zone” exercises in the 12 Essentials of Personal Excellence.  Here’s Albert’s research with a few of my thoughts on top.

55 percent of your message is your body language.  The primary source is your face and most specifically your eyes. The receiver is looking for sincerity.  

The question:  Do I believe your eyes and words align?

38 percent of your message is your voice.  Tone, quality, variation, volume, and feel. We primarily listen for tone and feel. The receiver is looking for love. We’re always looking for love, it seems…

The question:  Do I believe you love what your words are trying to tell me?

7 percent of your message is your words. The most frequently remembered words are the words captured in your stories. Enough said…

The question:  Do your words sear me?

Who knew?  Who knew that talk really is cheap?  Turns out all our wordiness makes us less believable.  The best communications recipe is a short and simple one.  Build a strong BTL core and then speak from your heart – ccd (clear, concise, and direct). Lead with your love. You will be internally aligned and fully engaged. We will believe you. And, as it turns out, we’ll remember what you said.

Today, during team practice 26, a team of leaders were seared by their leader and by each other. Tons of truth in love. Some easy and soothing to hear. Some, not so much. All of it good. Today, this team built trust as the level of dialogue broke through somewhere and it was sweet. BTL team practice breaks communications barriers, simple as that. You, friend, and your team are mostly limited by the conversations you have. Want a better team? Work on speaking less and saying more.

Speak less. Say more. Talk IS cheap. Speaking from the heart? FM, baby. Good…

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