Full thrust…

Yesterday, practice 59 with a team of grapplers wasn’t going anywhere fast. We seemed to be stuck in mud. Suddenly everything changed. We broke into two teams and began to share stuff about our self imposed barriers.

Kevin, talked about holding back regarding his effort in the classroom. He doesn’t give his all, he shared. He’s interested in finance but isn’t going all in. Kyle shared he wants to take more chances in his personal life. His level of dialogue is amazing. Even with the Snyder’s leading the way, and Keyshawn going all in, the room was still as dead as I’ve ever felt it. So, after a few more minutes waiting for someone to get lit, I called a huddle, brought the teams back together, and proclaimed that this practice sucked and we’re gonna change it. I asked Grappy to share what he’s thinking. I had no idea where this was going but it was worth the risk. I had no idea…

Grappy cleared his voice and went, well, full thrust. Grappy shared there were some grapplers, in the recent match against ASU, that were operating below “full thrust.” You could sense he wasn’t shooting from the hip but, instead, was speaking from his heart and the place got eerily zoned in as he continued on with his rant. There are things inhibiting full thrust, many things, he exhorted. Some can be anxiety. Some can be the impulsiveness of putting too many bad calories in your system. Some may fear disappointing someone they love. What a blessing, he exclaimed, that many wrestled at less than full thrust and it was still freakin’ magic. Grappy went off about how many teams can’t break the sound barrier – this team can.

What is it that we have to do, to break through? Grappy challenged each athlete to figure it out. I jumped in and reminded the athletes and coaches that it’s on all of us to make our teammates do what they can. None of us can reach full thrust on our own. We all need another. We all need each other. We are not made to go it alone. We talked about our chief want is someone who will make us do what we can. Thank you Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Finally, as practice was winding down, Coach Tervel stepped up and went full on. He challenged each teammate with a series of questions. You could see and feel the shoot in his eyes. So good. We are so blessed to have him with us. Tervel finished ‘em off with a series of good questions worth pondering. “Is full thrust more important than your next victory, than protecting what you’ve got?” Is your full thrust worth regressing for? Is full thrust worth more than protecting what you’ve got, than protecting your ego?

Full thrust.

This team is capable of breaking all kinda barriers. With leaders like Grappy, Tervel, Bo, Nate, Kyle, Myles, Kollin, and many more, the sky is not the limit. Just like you and me, most limits are in our minds. Something tells me that many of these minds are opening up to think beyond what’s possible. It’s gonna be fun to watch a few more get lit, a few more light the afterburners, and a few blast beyond where any have gone before. Full thrust is a good reminder for us all. What, friend, is keeping you from going all in? We know it’s rooted in some kinda fear and we’ve all got more fear than we want. So, like Keyshawn shared, stop keeping it to yourself. Let’s talk. Let’s find a bit more love ‘cause we know the fear aint going anywhere. The recipe for getting lit and going full thrust is always just a little more love than fear – a little more love.

More love than fear. Full thrust. Good…

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