Whatever. Wherever. However…

Endurance, A book titled borrowed by Astronaut Scott Kelly to remind him of Shackelton’s expedition before his, has been a mind expander for me. You see, I’ve not studied flight or space travel very much over the years. In my mind, the idea of spending a year in space, as Scott Kelly did, would be amazing, exhilirating, and monotonous. Traveling around the globe at 17,500 mph, they went from sun up to sun down in 90 minutes – talk about time flying, huh.

Astronauts may be enjoying zero gravity to some degree. May be. The reality is they work everyday and have very little control over their work. Someone on Earth is telling them what to do and how long it’s gonna take to do it. And, 250 miles above the earth, they mostly feel like they’re being micro-managed as if someone is standing over them. Right over them.

Another joy of gravity is keeping our blood flowing the way it was intended. I never thought much about how helpful gravity really is. Scott and all other space travelers know that without gravity, it really is a rush of blood to the head. According to Scott, it feels like standing on your head for hours on end. Yikes. Talk about an extended headache, huh.

Whatever. Wherever. However.

Whatever you’re currently going through – if it can be endured, as Marcus Aurelius would remind us, endure it. Wherever you find yourself – stuck, untethered, or somewhere in between – endure, friend. However you’re feeling, whether on top of the world or with the weight of the world upon you, if it can be endured, endure it. Life is hard, even for those who appear to be simply floating along, gliding through whatever life’s thrown ‘em. You and I can endure almost anything, especially when we have each other to hold on to. So, next time you sense someone struggling with whatever, wherever, or however, don’t leave them hanging. Extend a hand for them to hold on to. In the process of extending, an unintended consequence is you too become a bit more grounded. Who couldn’t benefit from feeling one of the joys of gravity, the feeling of having your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Thanks, Scott, for taking the time to write. Thanks for dealing with all the pain and suffering of being away from planet earth for a year. Thanks for enduring. I hope Amiko got you some of that La Crema Chardonnay, you requested. Sister Sue, unexpectedly brought us a bottle of your favorite last night. Very smooth. Went down easy. Nice. Who knew we shared some of your good taste. Who knew we’re all more deeply connected than we’ll ever appreciate or understand. Who knew?

1 thought on “Whatever. Wherever. However…

  1. YOU have always been there for me, the day I left a 30 year job and took a small step towards fulfilling my Purpose in life……YES, the one I feel GOD called me to do, being a Builder with a great team of people. You have been there when I have hit some real low points in my life and been there for some real high’s too……thank you for your HAND!

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