Stick to your training…

Tonight, during practice 60 with a team of grapplers, I was blown away with how much this team has grown over the four years of practicing together. Tonight, we shared our learning after Nato, Kyle, and I read a bit out of the book The Right Stuff. Grappy and crazy Doc put a bow on it and it was good. Bo shared. Campbell allowed us to use him as an example. Keyshawn and Kollin played ball. Luke and Kevin kept it lively. It was good.

Practice 60 had us understanding the difference between full thrust and no thrust. We heard about a few folks and their full spin in the last match. We became a bit more united as we became a bit more vulnerable. This team is easy to love because they have a bit more belief than doubt, a bit more love than fear. Their leader, Kyle, shared a few of his secrets and did it with so much humility that I don’t think anybody gave it the Heisman. This team is freakin’ magic because they don’t care that it’s late on a Sunday, they just want to be with each other and continue to get better. Tonight, I’m tired and it’s a good tired.

Thanks, team of grapplers, for giving me a jolt of energy tonight. Thanks, Grappy, for continuing to grow and grasp every insight you can to make this team see the light. Thanks for talking turkey about being overwhelmed and letting Campbell talk truth too.

Tonight we learned there is power going full thrust and power when going no thrust too. We learned the best way out of a flat spin is found when sticking to the manual, when sticking to our training. Tonight we grew a bit. Tonight, we gave Thanks and it was good. We are going full thrust and learning how to combat the moments when we got nothing, when we got zero thrust.

Full thrust to zero thrust, friend. Stick to your training, friend. Stick to your training. Good….

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