Breathe deeply…

“Every day I die again, and again I’m reborn

Every day I have to find the courage

To walk out into the street

With arms out

Got a LOVE you can’t defeat

Neither down or out

There’s nothing you have that I need

I can breathe

Breathe now.”

Just a few words from the song titled Breathe, U2’s anthem from a few years back. Perfect. Every day I meet with family, friends, and clients and can easily see that so many are just holding their breath. The current obstacle or opportunity has got many breathing a little bit short, a little bit shallow, and a little bit shaky. As Bono bellows, Grace is all he’s found. Last night, as we wrapped up practice 60 with a team of grateful grapplers, our resident crazy doc reminded the team that we’re starting breathe practice next week. Yes, we’re making this team practice breathing. Think it’s crazy? Think again. Your favorite team of SEAL’s practice breathing all the time. Turns out that simply breathing deeply and freely is one of the best ways to untangle your frazzled neural networks, friend. Slow down and sit with this for awhile…

What do you need to keep breathing deeply?

Have you found your voice?

Are you signing your song?

What fear is keeping you in your current labor and distancing you from your OPUS?

Breathe, my friend. Breathe deeply. Practice the four square breathing technique of the SEAL’s or the five breathing series of the crazy doc. Breathe deeply – you just de-stressed yourself. You just swallowed some free anti-depressants too. Good…

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