Well, it’s been another great week of BTL. I receive so much amazing feedback each week and rarely pass it along. So, let the words of another BTL client inspire you. Let the learning in. Enjoy…

“This week I joined the “fauxnomo” for their weekly BTL. This group meets every week to work on becoming one, one deeply connected team, BTL. A team of individuals growing themselves individually and as a group. As we started to practice 7 good minutes together it became really apparent how much I don’t know. I was flooded with how much I wanted to know AND I was reminded of how hard it can be for some when on the sharing end. I reminded the team of how little we know, despite how much time we spend together.

I LOVE this team. I’m curious about this team. I love the time I’m just now starting to commit to being with them. I’ve worked hard to build the team, to put myself in the position to know them, to lean into them, to teach them and to learn from them. I’m excited about the time we will spend in 2018 and beyond.

I shared with them that I just spent a week, on a mostly empty island, with my wife of 18 years and how we are still discovering things we didn’t know. So many things we were still curious about and conversations that could bring us even closer together when we weren’t staring at our phones or trapped in email. You see, as we all get busy in work and life we forget to get curious, we forget how much we still don’t know, we forget the simple tools we DO know, the power of asking a question, of asking another “why” or “tell me more”….

AND here’s the GOOD WORD, ready….

Let’s never forget the importance in the culture we live in, in the culture of this company, in the culture I love, in the culture I preach, in the culture we value, that nothing, NOTHING is more important than the word we must honor more than anything else, PASS! Pass is always an option, “I PASS”, “I’m not comfortable”, “no thank you”, opt out is always,ALWAYS an option. If you didn’t know, if you felt otherwise, if you assumed something else, please know that at this company, Pass is always an option, it is honored, respected and as good of an option as any other.

Make no mistake, Love is the emotion that matters most. It’s the emotion we NEED to grow together both in work and life. You see Love is the key to growing together, to not breaking up, to making sure “work” is not just a job, to avoiding divorce or even worse a marriage or job that’s just in motion. So love each other enough to clue in, to get curious, to stand up if you sense someone is uncomfortable and most importantly, love to respect the PASS. Take a baby step into love as we head to the holidays, go at your own pace.

Love is the way forward. Pass is always an option.

Have a great weekend everyone and as always if you ever need anything or want to get curious, let me know.”

Love is the way forward. Pass is always an option. In BTL practice we build the discipline of being vulnerable, of letting others in, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. And, as my client said so well, nobody is gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You, friend, can always pass. Good…

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