Got me thinking…

This morning, before the sun had risen above the KC skyline, I made my way down Baltimore and headed toward Union Station. Veering to the east after a short while, I turned to the north and strolled up Grand Street, passing a most delightful bakery with a white Ibis out front. Next I wandered by the U.S. Court house and headed west. With the sun coming up behind me now, my pace slowed as I came upon a curious circle. Some artist had sculpted a series of “The Thinker” (an ancient depiction of a naked man sitting with head in hand outside the gates of hell) and arranged them as if they represented hours on the face of a clock. Made me think, at least for a moment or two. So much to see and so little time to see it, I quickly returned to motion. Gotta keep moving, my mind reminded…

I continued my city walk toward the west. Up the hill on 9th street, I came upon a dog park and took notice of my first humans of the morning, an elderly couple out walking their dog. As I observed this couple, clearly comforted by their pet, my eyes caught a glimpse of a tall sculpture rising up against the leafless branches of old oak trees filled with stories, if only they could tell.

My pace quickened as I anticipated stumbling upon some history. I was not disappointed. The larger than life depiction of Sacajawea, York, Lewis, Clark, and their trusted dog, Seaman, was stunning to say the least. They all appeared to be looking out to the west and I was stood beside them, suddenly the mighty Missouri River was all my eyes could take in as I realized how high we were above the valley below. “Courage Undaunted,” Thomas Jefferson had exclaimed back in the day when describing these explorers and their treacherous journey into the unknown up this Missouri River and the great beyond – Beautiful.

I’ve walked around this city every month since Krits moved downtown this past summer and continue to stumble upon historical sites, interesting architecture, and all kinda places of interest. Got me thinking…Why am I in such a hurry so much of the time? What’s the big rush, anyway? Why am I just now discovering the joys of walking, pausing, and putting things in perspective? Why do we mostly miss what’s right in front of us? Why?

I guess pausing at the clock like Thinker, well, it got me thinking. Got me thinking. Good…

2 thoughts on “Got me thinking…

  1. Nice work, Chet. It was fun to take that walk with you through this post as you were noticing all sorts of KC delights. I have tamed a bit of my Monkey Mind with the practice of noticing. That’s it. Nothing very fancy. Just tune in, open up, and see. It’s made a big, positive difference. P.S. Silly question: have you read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose?

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