Today, we closed practice 21 with a sobering reminder. No good growth will go unpunished, I paraphrased from words uttered so long ago. I wanted my client to hear that the more he grows does not correlate to the more people will notice and give him credit. In fact, oftentimes, just the opposite occurs. Prepare for more resistance, I coached him. I told him not to be surprised by the resistance to his growth. Don’t go looking for it. Prepare for it to find you, resistance, that is.

I told the story about forgiveness per C.S. Lewis – forgiveness is a great idea, until there is something to forgive. Transitioning power is a great thought until someone actually start to grab the reins. Expect resistance from above and around. Be ready to stand, friend. Be ready to stand. Stop trying to control what you have no control over. You, friend, cannot control other people or circumstances. You control your response. You control who you give away your powers of control to as well. Do not become the plaything of people in power over you. That, friend, would be kinda nuts. Wouldn’t it? I mean, come on man, it doesn’t sound very emotionally intelligent to allow others to control your emotional life – Does it?

As we put a bow on practice 21, I hit my client with some truth in love. I challenged him to stop personalizing his personal loss when those in power, well, don’t seem to get him or, worse yet, don’t seem to even notice. Let it go. You can’t control them, remember, anyway. His writing to me said he heard me loud and clear. Here’s what he wrote me. Slow down and let his learning in. Sit with this awhile. It might pertain to you too, friend.

“Don’t personalize your own loss. Don’t give your energy away to that. Meaning don’t get bent up when people don’t listen to you, or you feel slighted or ignored. Focus on your team’s contribution and stop having anxiety about how other’s perceive you.”

Good learning today, team of eight. Good learning. Stop focusing on the resistance around or above you. The stronger you become, the more others will resist you. Focus on what you can control. Good…

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