Productive rebel…

Yesterday, toward the end of practice 246, Nasty asked me to help her understand what I mean when I’ve told her to become a productive rebel. You see, friend, being an American means you were born into a team of productive rebels. I want everybody I work with to learn how to productively rebel in work and life. Almost all innovation begins when somebody productively rebels. Almost all social justice begins when someone productively rebels. Almost all change in corporate culture comes from productive rebels, not corporate CEO’s.

Here’s the recipe for becoming a productive rebel.

Step one. Learn the rules. Understand everything about what is expected from you and your teammates. Follow the rules like a banchee. Master them. Learn them really well. Step two – Once you understand the rules really, really well, you will know how to break them in just the right places. Follow the rules to the point of mastery, first. Break them, with purpose next. Break them to improve performance, not prove a point. Rinse and repeat, friend. You are on your way to becoming a productive rebel, not another GM son or daughter.

Nasty got the message. She’s on her way to building mastery where she works. She is gonna break some rules too, just not yet. What kinda teammate are you becoming, friend? Your team could use another productive rebel.


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